Instructions in respect of the Application for admission as an Advocate:

1. A person qualified under Section 24 of the Advocates Act. 1961 may apply in the manner specified hereinafter to be admitted and enrolled as on Advocate in the Roll of the Bar Council of West Bengal.

2. Any person who has obtained a degree in law or is barrister as specified in Section 24(1)(C) of the Act. or is qualified to be admitted under Section 24(3)(a) or 24(1 )(c)(iV)' of the Act, may be admitted as an Advocate on his duly making an application in the prescribed form No.1 under Section 25 of the Advocates Act, 1961 and complying with other requirements specified hereunder.

3. Every applicant for admission as an Advocate shall inter alia. produce the following documents:

(a) Proof of his qualifications to be admitted 'as an Advocate. documents in Original with attested copy/copies.

(b) Two certificates of recent date from two persons of respectability (not being his/her relations) preferably Advocates on the Roll of the Bar Council of West Bengal as noted in the form under Section 25 of the Act. Photograph of the applicant in the said form shall be attested by anyone of them. Copies of the Original Documents as stated in clause 3(a) shall be attested by any person as stated above.

(c) A copy of the Gazette publishing the Notice of the application as under clause 4, hereunder.

4. Notice of every application made to the Bar Council for admission as an Advocate shall be inserted without delay in one issue of the Kolkata Gazette. Such a Notice shall be in the following form:-

"I ________________________________________________ (FULL Name) ______________________________________ Son/daughter of ____________________________ (FULL Name) of ____________________________________ (Address) have applied to be admitted as an Advocate in the roll of the Bar Council of west Bengal(File name) ________________________ )"

5. No person shall be admitted as an Advocate till the expiry of two weeks from the date of publication of the said notice. ?

6. The Enrolment Committee may require any candidate to appear before it in support of any statement made by him in the application or to furnish such other particulars as may be required or to answer any question to satisfy the Enrolment Committee that the candidate is a fit and proper person to be admitted as an Advocate.

7. Any personl Shall be entitled before the expiry of the said period of two weeks to prefer to the Enrolment Committee of the Bar Council any objection in writing to the admission of such application. The Enrolment Committee before making any order or the application for admission shall, in case of such objection, give the applicant and the complainant an opportunity of being heard in such a manner as the Committee may decide in each case.

8. (a) If after scrutiny of The application and the papers, the Enrolment Committee is of the opinion that the application with papers is in order and the applicant is a fit and proper person to be enrolled it shall make an order granting the application, and the applicant shall be enrolled as an Advocate.

(b) If the Enrolment Committee proposes to refuse any such application, it shall refer the application for opinion to the 'Bar Council of India accompanied by a statement of the grounds in support of the refusal of the application under Section 26(2) of the Advocates Act. 1961. Then the application shall be disposed of in conformity with the opinion of the Bar Council of India.